Architect Johannes Melbinger

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The Architect




Why  Architecture?

Creating solutions for future use I am aware of the many cultures of the past, breathtaking temples and cathedrals as well as minor but never the less charming buildings, impressive cities, bizarre villages, gentle vineyards, geometrical Parks.

The beauty of some of these structures leaves a considerable residue of subconscious understanding in the mind - a help to solve present need - albeit it cannot give the whole answer to today’s challenges. But it encourages breaking the bonds of tedium of present urban and rural space merely subjected to a superficial economy.

Any building develops from e certain need: an office or a residential house, a school, sports facilities, an airport. Architecture transforms the building into scenery of that sophisticated stage of life enabling man to perform his own life-character, his own life stile.

But there is, against this background of life, the great constant of the climate. It makes a difference when building in the tropic zones or in hot arid areas, in the cold or in the temperate climate with its distinct seasons and its various sunsets. Climate provides the fundamental tone of Architecture. An Architecture sizing and shaping chaotic space and giving form by reflecting force – physical, social, economical and spiritual force - structured by mathematical functions, providing human scale, exhilarating.

Architecture first of all approaches our senses, our unconscious body and needs to be experienced.

It has to condition the visitor to what he will expect when entering a night club, an exhibition, a church. Residential architecture must provide shelter for recovery from the avalanche of daily hustle.

More, Architecture shares in some way quality with clouds: their ever change of shape follows the dramaturgy of aerodynamic force and shaping air streams – in never ending beauty.

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